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The unifying goal of the Bomblies lab is to use complementary genomic, genetic, cytogenetic, and molecular approaches to understand mechanisms of evolution and adaptation, specifically of meiosis. Most of our work currently focuses on understanding the evolution of a polyploid lineage of Arabidopsis arenosa, a lovely outbreeding relative of A. thaliana. We are also interested in a range of other questions.

We collaborate frequently with cytology experts Chris Franklin and his group (University of Birmingham) and James Higgins and his group (University of Leicester). We have extensive interaction also with Nancy Kleckner (Harvard).

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At left is an Arabidopsis arenosa plant growing on a limestone outcrop in the Swabian Alb, a region in Southwestern Germany near Stuttgart. The plants there are perennial, and grow in very scenic locations like the base of the limestone cliffs of the upper Danube Valley (below).